Genymotion Fastest Android Emulator

Its always been hard to test apps on Android Emulator, people finds it difficult to test apps on Android emulators when compared to simulators on iPhone.

Genymotion is an Android emulator for building and testing apps. Its insanely fast, simple and powerful.

Requirements :

  • 2GB Ram

  • 400MB disk space

  • VT-X/AMD-v capable CPU

  • Recent OpenGL 2.0GPU

Installing Genymotion :

  • Dowload genymotion from here :!/download

  • Save and run the .exe file.

  • Select the setup language and click OK.The Genymotion setup wizard opens.

  • Click Next

  • Select the destination folder by clicking Browse, Click Next.

  • Select the start menu folder by clicking Browse or check Don’t create a Start menu folder and click Next.

  • Select whether or not to create a desktop icon and click Next.

  • Click Install and Finish.

Getting Started :

To start using Genymotion, follow the steps below :

  • Open Genymotion from the programs or from desktop.

1   2 3 4

  • Once the above steps is done deploy the app via eclipse or command line tool.You can as well drag and drop the APK into the virtual device.


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