Charles Debugging proxy tool

How can we debugg the Apps for HTTP calls ? How to see raw request/response contents of debugging app ?

We can take help of Charles Debugging proxy tool.

What is this Charles tool and how does this work ?

Charles is a web proxy that runs on your desktop computer. It enables you to see what data is sent and received between a web browser and the server.Customers may find these network logs useful when debugging and may request that you include them in your bug reports.

Step by step Instructions :

  1. Visit

  2. Download the version that suits you.

  3. Install charles.

Collecting the proxy information :

  • Open Charles on your computer.

  • On the menu bar, go to Proxy > Proxy settings.

  • Make a note of the Port value.(usually it will be 8888)

  • Get the network IP address of your computer by opening System Preferences >> Network.
  • Choose the network name and the IP address will be visible. This is the network IP address you’ll need for your Android device.

Android Device Settings – For 3.1 and above.

Go to Settings.

  1. Select “Wireless & Networks”.
  2. Make sure WiFi is turned on and you are connected to your network.
  3. Select WiFi settings using a long press (touch and hold).
  4. Select “Modify network”.
  5. Select “Show Advanced Options”.
  6. Under Proxy Settings, select “Manual”.
  7. For the Proxy Hostname (Server) field, enter your network IP address.
  8. For the Proxy Port field, enter the port number listed in Charles.
  9. Tap Save.

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